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...proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants.
- Lev 25:10

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Brad Sherman
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What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for making the time to share all of the information @ your "Restoring the Power" seminar.  I found it to be very enlightening and it really sparked me to use my own hands to dig deeper into the roots of America.  You shed light on MANY vital points that ALL Americans need to know but our society has unfortunately erased and forgotten...I WILL be back with friends.
-- Jeremy Lang, Williamsburg, Iowa

Great seminar,presentation, subject and speaker top notch. It's good to hear the facts.
-- Pat Zimmerman, Coralville, Iowa

After attending the "Restoring the Power" seminar, I knew things I hadn't known before, and I was more motivated than ever to do what I can to make this nation what the founding fathers had envisioned. I highly recommend this seminar to everyone.  
-- Charles Stone, Kalona Iowa

“I was very impressed with your seminar!  You brought out things about our history that I had never heard even though I went all the way through our public school system.  I truly believe that the way to win our future is to educate the public about our TRUE history.  Thanks for all you are doing.”  

- Pam Yant, Sikeston TEA Party, Sikeston, MO

...  a great presentation and it was very informative.
- Susy Wendler, Amana , Iowa

Interesting, informative, and well-presented
- Tom Cannon, North Liberty, IA

Freedom Seminar was VERY INFORMATIVE ... and enlightening.
-Glenn Smith, North English, Iowa

Very informative---well worth the time
-John Peterson, Dysart, Iowa


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