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...proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants.
- Lev 25:10

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American Heritage DVD Series
(10 DVD set)
by David Barton
Purchase from Wallbuilders
A wealth of information showing that Christian values truly are at the foundation of our nation. We recommend this series as an easy way to start a study group in your community. We have provided helpful Study Questions (see below) to be used as you see fit.
The website has much more information!

Study Sheets for American Heritage DVD Series
prepared locally (not from Wallbuilders)
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Study Questions
Study Questions with Answers


Freedom: The Model of Christian Liberty
(one DVD)
From The Apologetics Group
  Eric Holmberg excavates through the layers of passive compliance that have led to the current generation's failure to understand the true meaning of freedom. The result of this excellent presentation is the realization that we are on the precipice of social slavery and complete tyranny. It is an excellent tool to use as a wakeup call for those who are uninformed and will cause those who watch it to begin to think outside the box.
Lots of other resources on

The Apologetics Group website.

The Griding Down of America

(one DVD)
An penetrating study on the goals and tactics of Communism that have been gradually advanced over the last century. Truly shocking! This is a MUST SEE!
Purchase Here

Preparing for the Government of God
The Kingdom of God from a Political Perspective
By Brad Sherman

(Book: 140 pages)
Many Christians seem to be pulled in two directions when it comes to their Christianity and how to apply it in a political world. Our hearts tell us to get involved and make a difference, especially when we see ungodly leaders taking our nation down a path of destruction. On the other hand, many of us have been taught that things are supposed to get progressively worse and, as a result, we wonder if there is any need to try. The result is sometimes a double-minded approach which lacks purpose and confidence. Preparing for the Government of God offers an answer to this dilemma with a penetrating scriptural look at the Kingdom of God from a political perspective with a goal of reconciling political action with the Bible.
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Libations For  Liberty
by Brad Sherman
Libations for Liberty is an offering of information from a biblical world view featuring  a quote from significant historical figures, the Scriptures, or other relevant sources - with a brief commentary from pastor Brad Sherman. Libations are offered twice monthly as a morsel of information designed to help nurture your passion for freedom.
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Current Issues
Below are a few sources for staying up
to date on current issues.


Glenn Beck

Conservative Byte

Godfather Politics

Faith and Freedom Coalition

Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition